10 Benefits of Asset Maintenance Management Software for Healthcare Companies

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Healthcare assets and facilities are critical components of quality patient care. Failure to maintain these properly could halt your entire operations and jeopardise human lives. If you’ve been negligent with asset maintenance, you can also expect heavy fines from authorities and face costly malpractice lawsuits.

To avoid all of these issues, you need asset maintenance management software. Here are 10 ways this type of software can benefit your healthcare company:

Healthcare Asset Tracking

The core function of asset maintenance management software is to give you a complete overview of all healthcare assets, equipment, and facilities throughout their life cycle. The platform stores information on installation dates, locations, service histories, and current operational status. You can even tag each asset with scannable barcodes, so you can track their status in real time.

With this information at your fingertips, you can easily create a maintenance schedule that ensures all assets are properly taken care of. This not only prolongs their life span, but it also ensures that they’re always available when needed.

Seamless Data Sharing

Another big advantage of using asset maintenance management software is that it enables system-wide data sharing. That means all departments within a healthcare facility can easily access information about assets and their maintenance status.

For example, if a patient needs to be transferred to another room, medical staff can easily check the availability of facilities and equipment. This prevents delays and disruptions in patient care.

Preventive Maintenance

With asset maintenance management software, you can take a preventive approach to maintenance rather than simply reacting to hospital equipment failures. Detailed logs on previous service histories, warranty information, and manufacturer recommendations can give you the insights you need to establish a recurring preventive maintenance schedule. Leading asset management platforms can even automatically schedule maintenance work orders based on asset conditions and usage levels, eliminating time-consuming administrative work.

Standardised Processes

Within an asset maintenance management platform, you can log and break down your organisation’s entire maintenance and repair processes. Step-by-step instruction manuals and safe work method statement checklists can be automatically included in routine maintenance work orders to ensure that technicians perform the job correctly.

This not only helps to improve the quality of work, but it also makes it easier to train new staff on these procedures. As a result, you can be sure that your maintenance and repair processes are carried out consistently regardless of who is doing them.

Safer Facilities

By keeping on top of asset maintenance, you can also make your facility a safer place. For example, if your hospital has a gas-powered generator, you need to make sure that it’s regularly serviced to avoid the risk of explosions.

In the same way, maintaining fire extinguishers and other safety equipment can help you create a safer environment for both patients and staff.

Sanitation Scheduling

Another benefit of asset management software is that it can help you schedule and track sanitising processes. In the healthcare industry, it’s vital to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene at all times to minimise the risk of infection.

With an asset maintenance management platform, you can create cleaning schedules for all areas of your facility and make sure that they’re adhered to. You can also log when specific areas were last cleaned and by whom.

Better Decision-Making

Asset maintenance management software can generate detailed reports to help you make informed decisions about your facility. For instance, you can track asset usage and identify areas where you need to invest in additional equipment or upgrades. You can also evaluate labour capacity and make sure more technicians are assigned to high-priority maintenance and repair routines.

What’s more, you can use the software to compare the cost of different maintenance options. This information can help you to make decisions that are both cost-effective and fit with your long-term goals.

Improved Compliance

Healthcare facilities are subject to strict regulations, and failure to comply could result in hefty fines. Asset management software gives you the ability to track and manage compliance-related tasks so you can avoid penalties as well as ensure patient safety. For example, the software can remind you when it’s time to carry out mandatory safety checks or renew important licences and permits.

Reduced Costs

With asset maintenance management software, you can streamline your organisation’s entire maintenance process. Budgeting and ordering features help you keep track of spending, while automated scheduling can save time and money. Meanwhile, preventive maintenance tasks can reduce the chances of asset failures, as well as save your technicians from complex and expensive repair jobs. In addition, by using the software to extend the life span of your assets, you can avoid the costs associated with premature replacement.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

The best asset maintenance management software is cloud based, which gives you the flexibility to access it from anywhere. This is particularly important in the healthcare industry, where you might need to make changes to your maintenance schedule at short notice. Mobile apps also make it easy for field technicians to log their work and update asset records while they’re on the go, resulting in greater data accuracy and operational efficiency.

Asset maintenance management software like WorkBuddy is designed to help healthcare facilities streamline their maintenance processes. By automating tasks and providing mobile access, the software can save time, money and resources. Book a free demo today to see how WorkBuddy can help your organisation.

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