job safety and compliance software

Keep your field workers safe and jobs compliant with our compliance and safety module

Job Safety and Compliance software
your work health and safety system

Link job management with our built-in work health and safety system

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Build trust and accountability

Build a culture of safety and compliance at all levels, from managers to subcontractors and technicians.

Centralise job compliance requirements and records
Centralise job compliance requirements and records

Use the one system to manage, track and report critical safety and compliance information.

Easily enforce job safety and compliance
Easily enforce job safety and compliance

Keep your jobs and workforce compliant with our simple compliance rules and conditions creator.

replace paperwork with electronics forms

Eliminate compliance paperwork with our easy to use form builder

Turn your induction checklists, inspection reports, risk assessments, hazard reports, safe work method statements and more into online forms for your field workers to use at any job site.
individual compliance

Ensure your field workers and contractors have the right credentials before they do the work

workforce compliance

Always know the individual compliance status of your field workers and contractors

Track employee, contractor and contractor employee’s credentials with our easy to use compliance module.

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Rule based compliance
rule-based compliance

Prevent sending the wrong field worker to the job based on your business compliance rules

Compliance rules are an effective way to authorise the right employee or contractor to be assigned to a job based on their credentials.

job compliance

Keep safety as a priority, create compliance conditions against any job

job conditions

Create compliance conditions on your jobs using our intuitive compliance builder

Set safety and work requirements to a job and ensure your employees and contractors follow the correct safety and job protocols. Perfect for creating site inductions, capturing client sign off and following safe work method statements.

job conditions illustration
job audit sheet illustration
job document templates

Need to have compliance information stored in document form?

WorkBuddy enables your business to upload your work health and safety templates and have data from the relevant job prefilled ready for download and sign off.


Alert field technicians of job safety and compliance requirements

Create single or multiple custom job compliance alerts in WorkBuddy. Job alerts are configured based on the individual requirements of the job. Field technicians receive the job alert in the WorkBuddy app and the action required to safely complete work. Job compliance alerts can be based on:

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