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Discover powerful insights by integrating WorkBuddy with Power BI

Business intelligence
empowering insights

Turn your data into an opportunity by synchronising WorkBuddy with Microsoft Power BI


Track productivity trends

Save time, automatically import work orders straight into WorkBuddy and remove the administrative burden.

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Resolve workplace bottlenecks

Quickly identify obstacles or delays that slow work progress.

data visual

Gain meaningful insights through data visualisation

Visualise patterns to help you make smarter decisions.


Increase revenue and lower margins

Empower teams to develop better strategies about where to spend their budget.

customised workflows

Customise your dashboard views

Create custom dashboard views on any data set in WorkBuddy.

why connect to power bi

Open your business up to endless possibilities

Syncing your data with Power BI will help your field service business better:

By monitoring trends and adapting to varying market conditions, your business can improve decision making at all levels.

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