field management business reporting

Make data-driven decisions in your field service business

custom dashboards - business reporting

Create actionable reports that help you improve your business processes and practices

productivity trends

Improve accountability

Discover insights from previous projects, identify opportunities and make smarter business decisions.

meaningful insights

Gain meaningful insights through data visualisation

Recognise patterns, errors and trends to better understand your business and take action.

increase revenue

Increase revenue and lower margins

Empower teams to develop better strategies about where to spend their budget.

custom dashboards

Customise your dashboard views

Run custom reports based on job number, job type, priority, status, customer, field supervisor and more.

Custom reporting - business reporting

Flexible business reporting to track your success

Business reports provide important details that can be used to develop future forecasts, guide budgets and improve decision-making. Customise your reports in WorkBuddy to see where your business is most profitable and running efficiently. In WorkBuddy you can run business reports on:

custom dashboards

Transform your data into powerful dashboard reporting

Reporting dashboards help leverage data by generating analytical reports. Customise the WorkBuddy dashboard to include all the widgets and data you want to see. Track the performance of field workers, job and project progress, response times, productivity and billable hours. WorkBuddy includes:

custom dashboards - business reporting
Individual job reporting
job reporting

Run detailed reports in real-time for better insights into jobs and the state of your business

Individual job reporting

Upon work completion, field workers can fill out field service report documents in WorkBuddy for service tasks, inspections, or site visits. This provides dispatchers and technicians with a summary and results of every service task. Individual job reports can include:

Company-wide job reporting

Discover where you can expand your reporting capabilities by looking at the way your business tracks, analyses and acts on business data. With company job reporting you can monitor your business performance and be always be prepared for tax obligations.

custom job progress views

View job progress and manage jobs from anywhere

Keep communication open with field teams with customised job progress updates. View field technician activities such as:

business reporting

Turn your data into an opportunity by synchronising WorkBuddy with Microsoft Power BI


Discover powerful insights by integrating WorkBuddy with Power BI

Syncing your data with Power BI will help your field service business better:

By monitoring trends and adapting to varying market conditions, your business can improve decision making at all levels.

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