How Assett Group Services reduced their operational costs to maximise profits from their maintenance contracts

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The Story of Assett Group Services

Assett Group Services Pty Ltd is an industry leader in providing facilities maintenance and construction in the building services sector. They offer a broad range of repair, maintenance and construction services for community housing groups and government agencies such as NSW Housing. Their scope of work includes anything from comprehensive building management services to minor emergency repairs and complete structural rebuilds.


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Continual winning of maintenance contracts pushing administration processes to their limits

Assett Group Services were continually winning maintenance contracts from community housing providers in Australia, resulting in a large influx of work orders that needed to be allocated to their subcontractors while keeping administration costs low.

The business was experiencing growth, yet system inefficiencies in the office and the field prevented the team from achieving new levels of success. Assett Group Services needed a software partner to align with their needs and keep processes optimised while delivering quality field services on behalf of their head contractors. That’s when they partnered with WorkBuddy.

“With WorkBuddy we were able to get a big picture view of all our operations, reduce business costs, resources and administration whilst increasing profits and improving productivity.”

Assett Group Services


Scalable job management system to improve operational efficiencies

WorkBuddy was able to work with Assett Group Services to provide flexible solutions that met the unique needs of their growing business. They wanted an all-in-one solution that would give them complete visibility of their operations, scale their growth, and keep their administration costs low. To achieve this, they needed the visibility to see what was happening in the field in real-time, automate their critical processes and a system to communicate with their head and subcontractors easily.

Automation of work order retrieval

Receiving up to a thousand work orders a week from clients, Assett Group Services needed to remove the need to have a dedicated resource entering the jobs in manually. WorkBuddy was able to automate the retrieval of work orders and create them in the system, ready for review and assigning to a subcontractor for action.

Improving stakeholder communication

The growth in work orders also leads to an increase in email and phone communication. Assett Group Services had to keep their clients in the loop with all job progress details while ensuring their subcontractors were completing the assigned tasks to requirements. They accomplished this with the WorkBuddy:

Allowing subcontractors to log real-time job progress and activity out on the field while giving them access to their own operations portal to keep on top of jobs assigned to them.

For the Assett Group Services administration team to manage and view real-time updates on job progress.

Provide head contractors with a real-time view of job progress on the work orders submitted to Assett Group Services.

“Our clients love and have embraced the client portal. They can drag out live data themselves and look at different work statuses reducing our general day to day communications.”

Assett Group Services

Better decision-making capability with Power BI

Seeing in-depth data of business performance was also integral to improving Assett Group Services’ operations. WorkBuddy integrated with Microsoft’s powerful Business Intelligence platform, giving Assett Group Services a live data feed of how their business is performing against set KPIs and where their business needs to focus on improvements.


Reduced administration effort, increased profits

Before WorkBuddy, administration inefficiencies were the most significant part of their overall expenses. By integrating essential systems with WorkBuddy, Assett Group Services have successfully reduced administration costs, improved overall business efficiencies, and increased profits.

“Before WorkBuddy we used to do things more manually. I would need staff triple the size we have now to cope with the number of work orders WorkBuddy can process.”

Assett Group Services

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