Harnessing Remote Work Efficiency for Tradies

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In recent years, remote work has become more popular across different industries, and for good reason. This workplace model offers a host of benefits, including flexibility, reduced commuting costs for both employees and employers, and a better work-life balance. 

While some aspects of trade work require tradies to be physically present at jobsites, there are still plenty of opportunities for trade businesses to embrace remote work.

What tasks can trade businesses accomplish remotely and how?

Many aspects of trade work can be done remotely, such as:

Conducting initial consultations, estimating, and quoting

Using video conferencing tools, tradies can connect with clients to learn more details about the project without having to meet in person. This can be especially beneficial for clients who cannot easily visit the tradie’s office.

After the initial consultation, tradies can use cloud-based job quoting software to quickly provide job estimates and create quotes while they’re working from home or any other location. They can also tailor quotes to each client’s unique requirements, ensuring that clients receive accurate and customised pricing information. 

Cloud-based job management software WorkBuddy, in particular, has a job quoting feature. With this feature, tradies can quickly add customer details and requirements in WorkBuddy and send a quote. Once the customer approves the quote, it will be automatically converted into a job order. 

Project planning, scheduling, and tracking 

Tradies can manage jobs from any location by leveraging cloud-based job management software. With this software, they can access project details, timelines, and task assignments remotely. They can also set milestones, track project progress, and make changes as needed in real time.

For instance, WorkBuddy has a drag-and-drop scheduler feature that allows tradies to easily allocate jobs to field workers or contractors. The software automatically prioritises jobs based on proximity, sending qualified workers to the job and optimising job scheduling.

With WorkBuddy, tradies can also track and record every detail of a job, including job status, task list procedures, recorded time spent on site, compliance checklists, and evidence of completed tasks. This information can be accessed within seconds, making it easy for tradies to stay on top of jobs. 

Conducting alignment meetings

Trade businesses can use video conferencing tools to conduct virtual meetings with team members, clients, and subcontractors. Participants can discuss project updates, address concerns, and make well-informed decisions without having to visit the jobsite every day. This digital collaboration streamlines project execution, benefiting both trade businesses and their clients. 


Trade businesses can effectively manage their invoicing processes remotely by using online invoicing solutions that have customisable invoice templates. With these software tools, they can quickly create professional-looking digital invoices with essential details, such as project costs, itemised services, and payment terms. By customising these templates to reflect their brand identity, trade businesses can leave a lasting impression on clients.

Tradies can then conveniently send digital invoices to clients via email. This eliminates the need for physical paperwork, allowing clients to quickly receive and review invoices. 

With WorkBuddy, tradies can generate and send sales and tax invoices on the go. They can also quickly reconcile jobs with supplier invoices before invoicing the customer, providing a seamless payment experience. 

How can tradies benefit from remote work?

Remote work offers trade businesses the following benefits:

Reduced costs

Remote work can significantly cut down on overhead costs. Tradies working remotely can conduct consultations and project updates through video conferencing. Trade businesses can thus save on transportation and office space costs, as well as increase profit margins.


Tradies can better balance work and personal life, while clients can schedule virtual meetings at their convenience. This flexibility can foster stronger working relationships and boost client satisfaction.

Enhanced efficiency and productivity

Remote work allows tradies to streamline their processes and reduce time-consuming tasks, such as travelling to and from jobsites. They can do this with the use of cloud-based project management tools like WorkBuddy, which enable them to allocate jobs more efficiently, track progress in real time, and manage resources more effectively. This optimises their workflow and allows them to take on more projects and deliver these on time and within budget.

Moreover, cloud-based project management tools enable tradies to access project details and updates from anywhere. This allows them to make quicker decisions and address issues promptly, resulting in enhanced productivity and a better overall customer experience.

Empower your trade business staff to work remotely with WorkBuddy’s job management software. Its comprehensive features allow your employees to accomplish many of their tasks without having to be at the jobsite or in the office. Book a demo to see WorkBuddy in action.

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