Gain full visibility of all assets that you test and service

asset maintenance management
asset maintenance management for the office and field

Track and monitor your assets, manage asset life-cycles and easily plan maintenance all in one place

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Effortlessly manage numerous assets

Once assets are processed into your database, they’re instantly tagged and indexed. This allows users to retrieve information about specific assets with a simple search query.

no more data entry

Save time with easy import of assets from other systems

Bulk import existing assets from CSV or Excel to easily migrate from other systems.

business reporting

Make smarter purchasing and management decisions

Generate detailed reports for tracking and auditing. Analyse your capital and maintenance costs to produce financial reports and make insightful management decisions.

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Gain full visibility of asset conditions

Monitor an asset’s service history and health based on information recorded by field technicians. Set recurring tasks and automatic reminders for when assets are due for service.

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Fast and accurate barcoding

Technicians in the field can utilise asset barcoding to help identify assets and quickly pull up asset information on the WorkBuddy app. Scan an asset tag to capture information and update the database in seconds.

improve job safety risks

Reduce compliance risks

View asset information or service history on the field. Ensure assets are compliant with internal policies, regulations, accreditations or relevant laws.

store and share information

Ensure accurate asset records

Create an accurate asset registry using custom fields. Capture service histories, serial numbers, warranty information, purchase dates, vendor details, and asset locations.

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Track asset movement in real-time

Always know the exact location of assets like service vehicles and smart tablets. Technicians can easily check equipment in and out of inventory by scanning the barcode in the WorkBuddy app.


Take your operations to the next level with our asset maintenance management features

fixed asset management

Maintain complete, accurate, and up-to-date fixed asset records

Track, maintain and monitor your physical assets, equipment and service requirements such as vehicles, computers, furniture and machinery. With fixed asset management you can:

fixed asset maintenance
Asset hierarchy - asset management

Easily organise and categorise assets

Arrange your assets in a hierarchical tree and run reports filtered by parent-child relationships. This makes it easy to:

recurring maintenance jobs

Schedule one-off or recurring maintenance jobs

Schedule one-off or recurring maintenance jobs against a registered asset. Schedule recurring jobs based on:

Asset management - one-off or recurring maintenance
Preventative maintenance - asset management illustration
preventative maintenance

Reduce the chance of equipment failure and unplanned machine downtime

Preventative maintenance ensures your business can maintain assets and equipment at optimal levels. Regular, planned maintenance should happen before a defect occurs, and be scheduled according to usage or time-based triggers. With preventative maintenance you can:


Always know the exact location of every asset

By registering and tagging assets with a barcode, technicians can check equipment in and out of inventory by scanning the barcode using the WorkBuddy app. Create barcodes in WorkBuddy or use your own barcoding system for a cost-effective way to manage and track physical assets. WorkBuddy supports the following barcode types:

Barcoding - asset maintenance
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