How Willowdene Constructions integrated multiple systems with WorkBuddy and increased administration efficiencies

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The Story of Willowdene Constructions Pty Ltd

Willowdene Constructions is a multi-trade maintenance and construction business servicing the community and social housing sector for the Land and Housing Council in NSW. They also invest in large-scale kitchen manufacturing plants and engage in residential construction activities. Willowdene Constructions has become the most highly awarded Head Contractor engaged by the Department of Housing NSW.


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Separate systems and double handling of data

Willowdene Constructions were looking at WorkBuddy for real-time reporting and updates on work in progress to have true visibility of their business operations. They required the ability to integrate WorkBuddy with their community and social housing providers and easily import client work orders directly into WorkBuddy. WorkBuddy also needed to integrate with their accounting system to remove the challenges of duplication of data or incomplete entries.

“We were searching for a solution that would help move our company forward. With WorkBuddy, everything can be done in the one system, from quoting to invoicing, scheduling and automated WHS compliance.”

Tracey Stevenson – Administration Manager


Fully integrated systems reduce administration by half

Willowdene Constructions needed WorkBuddy to integrate with MYOB accounting software. They required a real-time view of all business transactions and for information to flow into MYOB from WorkBuddy. It was essential to access and operate all the financial information related to their business from a single interface. The ability to link accounts receivable and payables ensured they have higher visibility of transactions and made it easier to analyse historical data from one place, which assisted in making insightful decisions. Willowdene also saves admin time generating and sending invoices by allowing subcontractors to create recipient created tax invoices (RCTIs) in WorkBuddy. 

“We love that WorkBuddy is cloud-based. We’ve been able to keep our operations running while adhering to social distancing measures throughout the pandemic.”

Tracey Stevenson – Administration Manager

Easy tracking of job progress

Willowdene required a more streamlined overview of all job progress to ensure their contractors could deliver on time and within budget. The WorkBuddy field app allowed the technicians allocated to the job to complete the job and provide real-time job progress data back to the subcontractor, head contractor and operations portals. With time-tracking also included, contractors can closely monitor job progress and productivity and schedule and dispatch available technicians for new jobs according to predefined zones. WorkBuddy also provided a client portal for head contractors to see the status of jobs.

Allows subcontractors to log real-time job progress and activity out on the field while giving them access to their operations portal to keep on top of jobs assigned to them.

Provide head contractors with a real-time view of job progress on the work orders submitted to Willowdene Constructions.

Work order management

Willowdene were spending a lot of time manually entering work orders into their system. WorkBuddy helped minimise administration by directly pulling work orders into the system using file formats such as PDF, JSON, XML and CSV. This feature is helpful for clients that regularly send Willowdene their jobs via email. 


Confidence in the accuracy of information and more efficient administrative workflows

WorkBuddy helped Willowdene Constructions with a smooth and seamless transition to WorkBuddy. All teams adapted to WorkBuddy quickly, and new team members found onboarding easy and the user interface intuitive and straightforward to operate. They also found that integrations with MYOB and head contractors such as Hume Housing have reduced resourcing costs and improved overall business efficiencies.

“WorkBuddy creates a single source of truth through centralised data, so we can easily investigate our processes to see what is making money, what isn’t and what is costing us valuable time.”

Tracey Stevenson – Administration Manager

WorkBuddy has made it easier for Willowdene to take on a higher volume of work orders while keeping resource costs down. Work orders now automatically go into WorkBuddy with jobs set up ready to be assigned to a field staff member or subcontractor to action. This, along with the implementation of the client portal, has saved valuable time, streamlining administrative tasks, reducing double handling of data and made it easy for clients to get updates on the status of their work and review information without having to call Willowdene directly.

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