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Ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out tasks

Solar companies coordinate installation and maintenance projects that require standardised and intuitive workflows. Project templates improve and simplify the way they manage all the tasks and jobs needed to complete a project. Creating project templates in WorkBuddy makes it easy for solar companies to:

Solar services, repair and emergency jobs

How project templates work in the solar industry

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Stage 1 Project Template

This can include work orders for the delivery of solar panel components to the job site.

Stage 2 - project templates
Stage 2 Project Template

Can include work orders related to inspecting the structural integrity of the installation site and assessing the environmental conditions.

Stage 3 - project templates
Stage 3 Project Template

Could include work orders for the delivery of solar panel components to the job site.

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Save time with preconfigured project templates for standard solar projects

Project templates are a quick way to standardise the creation of projects that you do regularly.


Take your solar business to the next level with project templates

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Create a workflow for each stage of a job

Workflows define what tasks and jobs are required for a stage in a project. A stage workflow would include the various tasks necessary to plan, execute, and review the job before handing it over to the next stage.

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Set your template up as a checklist

Project templates can be set up as checklists that provide step-by-step instructions to onsite technicians to determine if they have met all the safety and compliance required for the job.

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Create and configure new projects quickly

Include anything on your project template, from timelines, contractual obligations, workplace safety protocols, schedules or material requirements.

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Gain valuable insights for future project planning

Use data from previous templates to produce detailed budgets and estimate the costs of a project when quoting clients.

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Keep teams in sync

Project templates can be prepared in an easy-to-read format and shared in WorkBuddy among project stakeholders for feedback and approval.

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Eliminate unnecessary repetition

Premade project templates allow you to set up jobs quickly. Simply load the appropriate template, fill out the work order information, and mobilise your field teams quickly.

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