Top 5 tradie assistance services in Australia

Top 5 tradie assistance services in Australia blog

Mastering your trade requires years of dedication, but it’s a cakewalk when compared to the challenges of managing a business. Job scheduling, cash flow, on-site safety, marketing, and technology are just a few things you have to wrap your head around. If you’re a tradie building your own business from the ground up, it’s impossible to do everything on your own.

Fortunately, there are many tradie assistance services all over Australia that can improve your business and make your life easier. Below are five of the best tradie assistance services you should consider working with.


Tradiematepro is one of Australia’s leading business coaching services for various trades industries. Their coaching programs come with weekly one-on-one sessions where tradies can get expert advice on business management and growth facilitation. Tradiematepro has a team of experts specialising in business strategy, digital marketing, leadership, and personal branding. This way, you can rest easy knowing your business is being guided by the right people towards success.

What’s more, Tradiematepro gives you unlimited access to their business management platform where you get a comprehensive overview of your operations. The platform tracks job satisfaction, cash flow, sales, and business performance so you can measure your progress towards your goals. Greater insight into your business also enables you to make smarter decisions in the long run.

Plus, if you sign up for Tradiematepro’s program, you can connect with other business owners and learn from their experiences in the trades industry.

MATES in Construction

Mental health is a major concern for Australian trades businesses. According to MensLine Australia, construction workers are six times more likely to die by suicide than workplace accidents. To make matters worse, suicide rates among young tradesmen are three times higher than other workers in the same industry.

MATES in Construction is a charity organisation that raises awareness of mental health issues and reduces suicide rates in the construction industry. It does these through proactive community groups, counselling, and 24/7 helplines to support tradies in need.

Training is another crucial element of MATES in Construction’s services. Trades businesses get general awareness training (GAT), where workers learn about mental health and get practical advice on dealing with common problems like stress and depression. In addition to GAT, there’s connector training in which people are trained to ensure the safety of at-risk workers and connect them with professional counsellors. Finally, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) equips field officers and case managers with the skills they need to support on-site workers who are contemplating suicide.


TradieWives was initially a Facebook group for Aussie tradies’ wives to tell stories about the challenges of running a trades business. Today, it’s a platform designed to help partners of tradies in managing and growing business operations.

TradieWives has a very active community that shares advice on things like job scheduling, accounting, and social media management. Members can discuss the latest technology trends to streamline day-to-day processes in the trades industry. Also, TradieWives is an open forum where women can support one another in dealing with overwhelming stress and isolation.

Beyond being a place for sage advice, TradieWives is the perfect networking platform. It has a business directory where you can promote your business, share special offers, or notify people of upcoming company events. Meanwhile, the TradieWives trades page allows you to advertise your services as well as seek qualified labourers for specific jobs.


TradiePad is a consulting and training company built to help tradies make sense of technology. Their services start with a comprehensive assessment to understand your company’s workflows and objectives and identify its bottlenecks. They then report their findings and recommend the best solutions that meet your company’s needs and enhance your tradies’ performance.

What sets TradiePad apart from other services is its connection with technology leaders in hardware, cloud computing, communication, and financial software. They work with renowned brands like Xero, G Suite, iAuditor, Houzz, and many more. Despite having these connections, the consulting company is focused on providing objective, unbiased advice. TradiePad specialists constantly research technology trends and stay up to date on software releases, so they can find the perfect solutions for your business.

Once you’ve agreed to TradiePad’s recommendations, IT specialists deploy the necessary devices and applications for you. They also provide structured training courses so your team can adapt to new technologies and processes seamlessly. This allows you to fully reap the benefits of emerging technologies without the painstaking process of setting it all up.

Lifestyle Tradie

Lifestyle Tradie is an educational community for trades business owners who want to learn the secrets of running a successful organisation. It offers online training sessions, member-only live events, ongoing support, and personalised mentoring to give your business an edge.

These services help you create a business model that focuses on four key principles: finances, marketing, technology, and people. More specifically, it covers tried-and-tested strategies on optimising cash flow, quoting and winning jobs, advertising campaigns, and driving repeat business. It also teaches you how to transform your processes, lead people, and implement applications and systems that align with your company’s goals.

Additionally, Lifestyle Tradie gives away free resources like weekly blogs, Facebook posts, and cheat sheets to business owners. Founders Andy and Angela Smith even wrote a free eBook titled “Start Up, Scale Up, Sell Up” This is the ultimate guide for growing trades businesses, helping you address common management problems, increase profits, and transform your operations.

We had to give a special mention to Subbie Me. Subbie Me has emerged as the go-to platform for the trade industry, providing a marketplace for contractors and subcontractors to connect. Tradies can browse qualified subbies in their area via the app, check out their reviews, and connect with the right tradie for the job. Subbie Me is available for download in the App Store and Google Play for free.

As you can see, there are plenty of companies offering support to tradies, and WorkBuddy is one of them, too. WorkBuddy is a job management platform that allows you to take full control of your business. From job scheduling and quoting to site inspections and compliance management, we have the features you need to become more productive, profitable, and safe. Call us now to learn more about our services.

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