10 Best productivity apps for tradies [2022 UPDATE]

Best productivity apps for tradies [2022 UPDATE]

Best productivity apps for tradies in [Updated for 2022]

For Australian tradies, increased productivity leads to faster job completion rates, better customer satisfaction, and higher profits. One of the best ways to achieve this is to create more efficient processes using the latest technologies. If you want to dramatically increase your output, consider implementing the following productivity-boosting apps.  

Apple or Google Maps 

Productivity suffers when you’re constantly stuck in traffic and late for your appointments. That’s why you need navigation apps like Apple Maps and Google Maps. Both apps leverage real-time traffic data and GPS technology to find the fastest route to your destination, helping you reduce fuel costs. They can even approximate the travel time between destinations, so you can inform clients of your estimated time of arrival. 


OneNote is a digital notebook that has multiple use cases for tradies. For starters, they can use the app to take notes when meeting with clients or other contractors. Tradies can then easily annotate on building schematics and attach various photos or videos when planning for a project. Finally, tradies can organise their notes and share them with team members so everyone is on the same page.  


Trello is an intuitive project management platform that helps you stay organised. The platform comes with a Kanban-style board where you break down projects into specific stages and task cards. Project managers can then set deadlines and checklists for each card and assign them to team members. Trello can also be integrated with your email client so that you can receive task progress updates and stay on top of your project.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the top contender for cloud-based collaboration apps, especially among tradies. It features a simple chat interface where you can communicate with team members in specific channels or chat groups. You can also use Teams for voice and video calls with as many as 20 participants. Plus, the app lets users share photos, documents, and other important files instantaneously, improving collaboration between administrative and on-site operations. 


Spark is a smart email client that organises your inbox. The client automatically prioritises your emails, putting direct messages from people and businesses at the top. Spark can even filter out third-party newsletters and ads so you can eliminate distractions and focus on the emails that matter. What’s more, Spark can remind you to follow up on important emails, enabling you to promptly address project inquiries and work order requests. 


Square is a comprehensive point-of-sale app that you can take wherever you go. It accepts all forms of electronic payment, including direct wire transfer, PayPal, credit card, and more. This way, you can invoice clients on site and get paid faster. Square also integrates with your accounting software, making it easy to follow up on outstanding payments and produce accurate financial statements. 


CamScanner uses your smartphone’s camera to scan and archive documents. The app uses optical character recognition features to extract text from physical documents and convert them into an editable format. From there, you can index documents and store them in your company’s central database, allowing you to retrieve them with a simple search query. This can save you a lot of time when dealing with mountains of paperwork. 


RescueTime is an app that tracks the time you spend on various applications and websites. It then compiles all of your browsing data into comprehensive reports on how you’re spending your time throughout the workday. RescueTime can also block time-wasting sites like YouTube and social media during work hours. You can even limit how much leisurely browsing you’re permitted during the workday, so you can become more productive.  


HabitHub allows you to develop and maintain productive habits. You can organise these into different categories, such as personal, health, and work, and set specific goals for each category. For instance, you can set habits like being punctual for appointments and learning new skills under the work category. From there, you can track your habit-building progress through graphs and daily statistics. You can even set reminders for small habits like drinking water every hour and exercising regularly, which will significantly improve your performance on the field. 


WorkBuddy is an end-to-end job management system that can significantly boost your productivity. Its core features include work order processing, automated scheduling, asset management, and project management. WorkBuddy can also make on-site operations more efficient with safety and compliance checklists, business intelligence, and accounting integrations. If you want to enhance every aspect of your business, WorkBuddy is the solution. 

For more information on WorkBuddy’s unique capabilities, book a demo today. We’ll show you how much of a difference our solution can have on your overall productivity.  

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