Job Management Software for Manufacturing Excellence: Empower Your Operations and Boost Efficiency

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Manufacturing companies often face challenges when it comes to inventory management, pricing, build quality, and operational efficiency. Poor execution in any of these areas can result in shoddy work and reduced output, hindering the company’s profitability and growth. 

Enterprise job management software like WorkBuddy fixes these problems with unique solutions. Whether it’s a small-scale production facility or large-scale manufacturing plant, job management software enables companies to achieve manufacturing excellence in several ways.   

Generate quotes instantly

Quoting involves analysing project requirements, then estimating the raw materials, labour, and margins required to manufacture specific products. Job management software simplifies this process by leveraging relevant data to instantly generate competitive quotes. 

In WorkBuddy, manufacturers can enter the average cost of raw materials, hourly labour rates, machine rentals, and other overheads into company price books. From there, manufacturers simply need to enter the quantity of products requested by a client, and the system automatically calculates prices with all the necessary mark-ups. With price books, rates are transparent and consistent across the board, eliminating any discrepancies that often lead to pushback from customers. Plus, retaining price books will make future product orders quicker and easier to process. 

Maintain inventory levels without tedious manual processes

Job management software provides robust inventory control features, allowing manufacturers to track stock levels, monitor usage, and automate reorder points. By integrating the software with supply chain systems, inventory management is made seamless, ensuring that raw materials are readily available for manufacturing when needed. Accurate inventory control helps manufacturers avoid overstocking or understocking situations, leading to improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

Assign work orders to the right people

Certain products such as bespoke furniture, custom shop fittings, and electrical appliances may require more intensive labour to manufacture. In these cases, it’s important to schedule tasks efficiently to ensure that the products are available on time. 

Job management software streamlines the scheduling process. WorkBuddy, in particular, allows companies to create one-off or recurring work orders and set task deadlines with drag-and-drop calendar tools. It can even break down work orders into smaller milestones in the production life cycle such as cutting, assembly, finishing, and quality assurance. The software can then automatically assign these tasks to the right team members based on the experience, qualifications, output, and availability requirements of the job. 

What’s more, WorkBuddy displays all scheduled work orders on a centralised dashboard where teams can monitor progress and make adjustments if necessary. Such visibility makes it easier to plan ahead, prioritise orders, and keep projects on track. 

Standardise production with project templates

Job management software provides manufacturers with the advantage of preconfigured project templates and checklists for common jobs. These templates serve as a blueprint or framework that outlines the necessary steps, materials, and tasks required to complete specific types of projects. Moreover, the software enables manufacturers to customise these templates to align with their unique requirements. They can add or remove tasks, modify material quantities, or adjust the workflow to match their specific processes. By using these templates, manufacturers can save time and ensure workflow consistency.

Keep manufacturing assets at peak condition

Manufacturing companies rely heavily on the performance of their equipment and machinery to stay operational. If these assets suddenly fail, the company’s production would suffer major setbacks. Proactive maintenance is therefore vital to keeping assets running optimally, and WorkBuddy makes this possible. 

WorkBuddy goes beyond traditional job management software, offering powerful asset management features. The software can track everything about an asset, including serial numbers, installation dates, usage history, maintenance schedules, and warranty information. When all this information is laid out, asset managers can easily tell when manufacturing equipment is due for servicing or replacement, and instantly create work orders for preventive or corrective maintenance. This helps manufacturers reduce the risk of equipment failures, extend asset life span, and enhance operational reliability. 

Collaborate smoothly with production teams

Manufacturers can utilise job management software’s communication features to ensure everyone from production teams to supervisors are on the same page. Features such as instant messaging, notifications, and document sharing helps address issues promptly, share updates, and maintain a transparent flow of information. For instance, if there is a change in job specifications or an unexpected issue, teams can immediately notify the relevant floor supervisor. This allows for quick responses, minimises downtime, and ensures that projects stay on track.

Improve decision-making with reports and analytics

Manufacturing thrives on continuous improvement, and using the right analytics can facilitate just that. WorkBuddy features business reporting tools that can track various performance metrics, including production rates, labour capacity, material usage, and cost-to-completion reports. The insights distilled from these reports can help manufacturers identify inefficiencies in business operations and reveal opportunities for improvement. For example, if production rates for wooden cabinets are too slow due to labour constraints, it may be time to adopt new machinery or production techniques to work around capacity issues. 

Incorporating job management software into your manufacturing processes is key to smarter resource management and more efficient production. If you think your manufacturing company can benefit from job management software, consider WorkBuddy. Our first-rate software provides you with the tools you need to fully optimise your operations. Book a free personalised demo today to learn more

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