Why it’s cheaper to hire a professional tradie

why its cheaper to hire a professional tradie

Hire a professional tradie

When it comes to renovations and repairs, you usually have two options: do it yourself or hire a pro. If you want to save money, the former may seem like the best option, but that’s not always the case. Hiring a professional tradie not only ensures high-quality workmanship, but it also reduces expenses in the long run, and here’s why.

Fewer mistakes and repairs

It’s often tempting to do home and property improvement projects alone. Instead of paying for a tradie, all you need are some tools and YouTube tutorial videos to do the job.

However, these DIY projects rarely go as smoothly as planned. You may overlook crucial steps or make things worse because you didn’t use the proper tools and techniques. Such mistakes can result in you spending more money than you initially hoped. In fact, a hipages survey found that homeowners spend $1,500 a year fixing a botched DIY project. Shoddy plumbing work, in particular, can be incredibly expensive since leaks can cause structural and cosmetic damage.

Professional tradies prevent these issues from occurring in the first place. They take all the necessary precautions to ensure that there will be no faulty workmanship nor any need for expensive maintenance work in the future. Plumbers, for example, will check drains, signs of corrosion, and active leaks after a job to save you money and give you peace of mind.

Extensive training and experience

Certain jobs are best left to the experts. You wouldn’t fly a commercial plane with no prior training, practice law without a licence, or do your own dentistry. The same goes for highly technical jobs like electrical, plumbing, and structural renovations.

A professional tradesman has gone through rigorous apprenticeship courses and testing to be licenced in Australia. This means they know the safety protocols and industry best practices

required to complete jobs to a high standard. Firmly established trade businesses also work efficiently and reduce overheads so the final invoice is within your budget. What’s more, tradies are aware of the latest regulation changes and ensure their work passes all inspections and requirements.

Ultimately, hiring a pro is more likely to give you positive results, whereas DIY is full of uncertainties. You could spend more on materials and make rookie mistakes, which only increase costs.

Reduced legal and health risks

For health and safety reasons, the Australian government makes it a legal requirement to hire professional tradies for specific tasks. These include anything involving air conditioning, construction, gas, electrical, and plumbing work. Such jobs are extremely risky and prone to accidents if done without proper training and should never be attempted alone.

Choosing to DIY tradie-type jobs also puts you at risk of hefty fines and even harsher penalties in more serious cases. If accidents and property damage do occur as a result of a DIY project, your insurance provider may not cover you. That’s why it’s better to err on the side of caution and hire an expert.

Tradie insurance

Another reason why tradies are cheaper, in the long run, is because of liability insurance. If a tradie makes a mistake that leads to property damage or injury, their insurance shoulders the costs. This includes any expenses associated with repairs and medical bills. By contrast, you don’t have that safety net, so DIY can have potentially staggering costs if you’re not careful.

More time on your hands

Renovations, repairs, and other projects are serious time commitments. Without prior experience, you may spend an obscene amount of time googling what screws and power tools you need. Even the handiest DIYers waste hours scouring hardware stores, watching tutorials, and planning the project. Most people prefer doing something else other than spending their weekends doing manually taxing work.

If property improvement isn’t your day job, it may take a month just to finish a week-long task. Professional tradies do complicated and time-consuming tasks every day and finish them by the deadline. They make renovations look effortless and help free up your schedule so you have more time to do what you want. The time saved with tradie services is worth every dollar.

The bottom line is hiring a tradie for a job is one of the most cost-effective decisions you can make. You don’t have to pay for mistakes, and you can rest easy knowing that the job will be done properly. However, not all tradies offer the same level of service, so it’s important that you choose wisely.

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