The Aussie tradie checklist: 2022 edition

aussie tradie checklist

The Aussie tradie checklist: 2022 edition

Australian tradies have a lot to think about when running a business. They need to deal with taxes, marketing, cash flow, and general operations. Keeping track of all these elements can be tricky, but we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a handy checklist to help tradies better manage their business in 2022. 

Claim deductions for work-related expenses

To maximise your returns this tax season, make sure to claim all the deductions you’re entitled to. Tradies can claim tax deductions on the following expenses:

Know your tax deadlines and regulations

At the end of the financial year, companies must lodge tax returns detailing earnings and expenses by federally mandated deadlines. The government may also implement new regulations and incentives that impact trades businesses. The checklist below includes the most important deadlines and regulation changes:

Stay on top of tradie trends 

Tradies can maintain their competitive edge by staying abreast of the latest industry news and developments. Some useful resources include:

  • Master Builders Australia – a website that provides news and updates on national building and construction trends, as well as advice for tradies
  • Energy Magazine – a news site that reports on groundbreaking developments in Australia’s electrical industry
  • Institute of Plumbing Australia – a hub where Australian plumbers can learn about new licensing and regulation, plumbing standards, technical skills, and more 
  • Tradiematepro – a coaching service and online forum where tradies can get expert advice on growing their business  
  • TradiePad – a consulting and training company that helps tradies adapt to new game-changing technologies
  • TradieWives – a collaboration platform to support wives and partners of tradies.

Expand your reach online

Many Australians browse the web to find tradies, so you need to have a strong online presence. Promoting your services on social media and online listing platforms can connect you with more clients and increase sales. If you want to grow your business, consider marketing your business on the following online platforms: 

  • Facebook – ideal for all trades businesses that want to showcase their services through targeted posts, videos, and photos.
  • LinkedIn – great for connecting with other businesses that may be seeking reputable contractors.
  • Instagram – perfect for displaying more visual services like renovations, construction, and painting.
  • hipages Group – suited for promoting your services to a wider variety of customers. 

Optimise your cash flow

Running a trades business can be unpredictable, with some months seeing a lot of work, while others are slower. It’s important to manage your expenses and cash flow to make sure you can cover costs during the slower months. Here are a few tips to consider:

Implement job management software

Job management software dramatically increases the efficiency of administrative and on-site processes. The right software can help you automatically process work orders, assign jobs to the right person, and track job progress in real time. Some programs even let you break down the tasks involved in a job through a simple checklist, so on-site workers can follow precise instructions. 

WorkBuddy is one of the best job management software available today. Not only does it streamline job planning and execution, but it also includes accounting and business analytics features. All these capabilities help you prevent delays, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and reach your business goals. Book a free demo today to learn more.

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