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Features and Benefits

Take control of projects with easy-to-use software, local support and off-site storage of your data

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Features and Benefits


WorkBuddy dashboard icon

Dashboards and reporting

Always know how your business is performing with our real time dashboard and reporting tools

Visual dashboard
Allows management to overview each stage of operations with a high level view of the current, completed and outstanding status of all work orders.

Management dashboard
Track profits and job outcomes in real-time with our intuitive management dashboard enabling your business to:

  • see which part of your operations is falling behind,
  • know which jobs are making a profit or loss, and
  • see custom financial results based on:
    • day, month and year,
    • profit and loss, and
    • forecasting cash flow.

Operational dashboard
Track the progress of jobs and work orders from start to finish with our operations dashboard allowing you to:

  • create unlimited custom workflow views,
  • track work completion based on work orders or specific jobs,
  • see which jobs have not been assigned a technician or contractor,
  • track allocation, progress and completion of jobs, and
  • see which jobs are held up and hold technicians accountable.

WorkBuddy seamless invoicing

Job quoting, price books and invoicing

Stop chasing payments with our on-field job quoting, invoicing and accounting integration

Sync seamlessly with your favourite accounting software Xero, MYOB Online or Quickbooks Online.

Billing and invoicing
Reduce the stress and time of having to chase late payments by generating on-site sales and tax invoices on job completion. Your technicians can:

  • Convert a quote to a job while on site,
  • Generate and issue sales and tax invoices on site,
  • Confirm job completion by collecting customer signature.

Never lose track of a job enquiry again with WorkBuddy’s dedicated quoting function, making it easy for your business to:

  • Log quotes for work over the phone or on-site
  • Move quotes to an active job
  • Use custom price books based on specific job criteria
  • Report on quote conversion to sale

Smart price books
Businesses can pre-set or adjust pricing based on contract prices or even the cost of servicing a specific region. This unique feature allows Price books to be segmented and customised by:

  • geographical zones,
  • job types,
  • priorities, and
  • category of work.

Job scheduling, tracking and history

Maintain an accurate job schedule and keep your customers happy, with easy-to-use job scheduling and tracking tools

Schedule and dispatch work
WorkBuddy makes job scheduling easy, providing your business with:

  • custom job views,
  • work order email import and export, and
  • multiple work orders created under a single job.

Work order importer
Jobs in the system can be automated into different work orders, with the ability to create:

  • Work orders for different trades, services or contracts.
  • Multiple work orders under a single job.

Document work progress
Easily document all jobs with photos, videos and notes that can be:

  • captured and stored,
  • geocoded, and
  • date and timestamped.

Track and manage teams
Create individual job reports with a clear view of how jobs are progressing. Track your teams whereabouts in real-time based on geolocation.

Communicate with teams
Communicate with teams out on the field using our instant messaging service.

Have teams conduct work based on a check list.

History log
Every customer interaction and job activity is stored in the history log. This allows users to view past events or actions and immediately know the status of every job.

Contractor, subcontractor and technician portals

Bridge the gap between contractors, subcontractors and technicians with WorkBuddy’s smart portals designed to provide full visibility of all jobs and work orders

Contractor portal
A powerful portal for businesses who sub-contract jobs/work orders out to other businesses. Enabling contractors to see:

  • Which company their job/work has been allocated to
  • The progress of the job/work allocated
  • Which technician is working on it
  • If the job has been completed to contractual and workplace safety standards

Technician portal
The Technician portal allows users to only see and action jobs allocated to them, making working for and communicating with multiple subcontractors simple. Technicians using the dashboard can easily:

  • instant message teams,
  • complete compliance checklists,
  • overview all assigned jobs,
  • document work progression, and
  • capture, store, geocode and timestamp photos, videos and notes.

Subcontractor portal
The subcontractor dashboard is designed to bridge the gap between contractors, subcontractors and technicians. The portal provides the ability for subcontractors to:

  • Receive jobs from their contract organisation either in work order form or as a specific job
  • Use price books specific to their contractor pricing requirements
  • Ensure that technicians are meeting contractual and workplace safety standards for the work allocated
  • Sub contract their work to other subcontractors
  • Have full visibility of job completion status by viewing technician progress on the job

workbuddy maximises efficiency


Improve job safety with one central platform for management to oversee all governance, risk and compliance needs

Health and safety
No work can be completed in the system unless Technicians have met all the health and safety requirements of a specific job. As such, Management are able to track employee performance and ensure complete compliance on jobs is met. Teams are able to log and view:

  • meetings,
  • defects,
  • completion checks,
  • safe work method statements, and
  • compliance reports.

Dispute resolution
If a dispute arises, WorkBuddy allows easy access to:

  • customer logs,
  • job files,
  • photos or videos,
  • hazard logs,
  • GPS tracking,
  • email history, and
  • terms of trade.

Quality control
Technicians no longer waste time onsite completing unnecessary work checks. When a Technician arrives at a job, the system prompts them to complete only the relevant work checks required for the job they are completing. Work checks can include:

  • before, during and after work safety checks,
  • safe work method statements,
  • job start forms,
  • asbestos forms etc.

WorkBuddy integrations


Get a complete solution for your workflow and sync seamlessly with your favourite accounting software from Xero to MYOB Online or Quickbooks Online

MYOB Online

Connect MYOB and WorkBuddy seamlessly in the cloud with accounting and job management combined.


Connect Xero and WorkBuddy seamlessly in the cloud with accounting and job management combined.

QuickBooks Online

Connect Quickbooks Online and WorkBuddy seamlessly in the cloud with accounting and job management combined.

WorkBuddy completely mobile


Completely mobile – Work anywhere, any time and on any device

Available on Android and iOS

WorkBuddy is compatible across multiple devices, allowing you to manage your business wherever you are.

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