Boost your trades business performance and drive profit with our job card management software.

Replace outdated job card management systems with automated workflow, job scheduling, tracking, field app and invoicing with WorkBuddy.

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Never miss a beat with your operations

farewell spreadsheets and whiteboards

Farewell spreadsheets and whiteboards

Get rid of manual processes, have all your job cards and contacts in the one online platform.

send jobs to employees and subcontractors

Send jobs to employees and subcontractors

Easily dispatch employees and sub contractors to a job with our field app.

always know the status of your job

Always know the status of your jobs

Track job card progress for projects, maintenance and service works.

get paid on time and invoice on the go

Get paid on time and invoice on the go

Invoice and sync easily with your favourite accounting software.

What jobs are WorkBuddy perfect for managing?

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we built WorkBuddy to work with the way you work. WorkBuddy can track and manage service, project and maintenance based works not locking your business into processes you don’t need.

service jobs

Service jobs

Schedule your on-call and emergency jobs, create your own priority system and go to the jobs that are most important.

project-based work

Project-based work

Create job templates based on regular projects your business does. Then have WorkBuddy automatically create the jobs for your team to action.

maintenance work

Maintenance work

Setup recurring jobs for your regular maintenance works. Distribute work to your own team or sub contractors.

Maximise your business impact with these features

WorkBuddy field services management software delivers a unified solution for all types of field service operations.

Optimise job routing

Field app - Runsheet
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Get detailed with jobs

Save time on compliance

Job safety and compliance

Let jobs flow from the office to the field

Job card management software for back-office

Job management software for back-office

Get the data you need to make the right decisions and get the job complete. WorkBuddy allows back-office teams to:

WorkBuddy app for your field team

WorkBuddy app for your field team

Send the right technician to the job everytime, with WorkBuddy’s field app:

Job Safety and Compliance software

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