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Take control of projects with modern, easy-to-use building, construction and trade contractors job management software

Maximise efficiency

Coordinate work on jobs with building teams, clients, council, engineers, designers, fabricators and other subcontractors.

Reduce paperwork

Quickly create or assign tasks and start sharing notes, photos, and videos in seconds for field teams to complete work right on their phones.

Speed up cash flow

Powerful data visualisation and reporting tools help you improve your estimating and show you the projects earning you the most money.

Gain business insights

Engineers, supers, and foremen can see clear, actionable information on the management of tasks and plans for trades and subcontractors.

Keep customers happy

Build better relationships with your customers by instantly communicating your arrival info, including delays and real-time ETA.

Go mobile

WorkBuddy works on iOS or Android for ease of working from any location, on any device to keep office and field teams connected.

Find out more of what WorkBuddy can do for your building, construction or trade business

Working with large contract agencies?

WorkBuddy will automatically import PDF, CSV, HTML and XML work orders from organisations such as BroadSpectrum, Department of Housing, Spotless and more.

Automated customer work order imports cut admin time in half and automatically assign jobs to the right technician.

Why wait any longer?

WorkBuddy's unique subcontractor dashboard offers end-to-end job management that support the building, construction and trade industry to maximise resource utilisation and profit margins across multiple projects.

What our customers are saying...

"Using WorkBuddy has kept my workflow uninterrupted, giving me all the tools I need on the one screen to dispatch technicians, track job progress and invoice. Thanks to WorkBuddy, I have saved valuable time from start to finish with managing jobs and can now accurately report on outcomes for the business."

Karthi Sharmilan
A1 Building Solutions NSW