How to stand out when competing for the same business

How to stand out when competing for the same business blog

The Australian trades services industry is saturated with thousands of companies all claiming they’re the best in the business. Tradies in construction, plumbing, or electrical may find themselves missing out on local business because competitors have bigger marketing budgets. It also doesn’t help that the demand for trades services decreased due to the economic downturn […]

What are the key details to include on an invoice?

key details to include on an invoice

Whether you’re in construction, electrical, or plumbing, invoicing is a vital skill set for any Australian tradie. After all, there’s little chance you’ll get paid accurately and on time if you’re always drafting cluttered and unclear bills. Poorly composed invoices also affect your ability to record sales figures, track revenues, and maintain a healthy cash […]

Tradie tips: How to deal with burnout at work

Tradie tips: How to deal with burnout at work blog

Physically demanding tasks, excessive workloads, and long hours are typically associated with working in the Australian trades services industry. While many tradies are willing to take on these challenges to turn a profit, they can also lead to burnout. Burnout is common in every career path, especially if an individual has been in the same […]

Tradie Tips: How to build ongoing relationships with clients

how to foster ongoing relationships with clients

Fostering long-lasting relationships with clients is key to a successful trades business. It increases sales, strengthens your brand, and reduces client turnovers that lead to lost revenue. In fact, studies show that it’s easier and less expensive to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. For an Australian trades business, […]

Tradie stimulus packages for COVID-19

Tradie stimulus packages for COVID-19

The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted Australian workers and businesses. In response to this crisis, the Commonwealth Government is providing emergency financial relief. This includes a $17.6-billion stimulus package followed by a second round of stimulus measures valued at $66.1 billion. According to officials, these financial aids are designed to help businesses stay […]

The Aussie tradie checklist: 2020 edition

aussie tradie checklist

With 2020 fast approaching, now is the best time to think about what you want to achieve in the coming months. Most people’s goals may involve starting a new hobby or travelling more, but tradies have different priorities. To make it big in 2020, you must set smart and attainable goals for your trade business. […]

Tradie business tips: 6 common mistakes you need to avoid 

Tradie business tips 6 common mistakes you need to avoid

Managing a trade business is hard work. Challenges come in many forms, whether it be insufficient funding or broken tools. However, the biggest issues you need to worry about are the ones you may create by accident. Below are six common mistakes you must avoid to ensure the success of your company. Spreading yourself thin […]

Social media tips for tradies

social media tips for tradies blog

Establishing a strong social media presence is critical for spreading the word about your trade business and acquiring potential customers. However, unlike a long-term construction or renovation job, social media is a different beast entirely. To get it right, you need to consider the following tips. Figure out the right platform for your business Establishing […]