Top 10 apps for the modern tradie [2022 UPDATE]

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In 2022, modern tradies need flexible tools to complete a wide array of jobs. If a tradie in Sydney has a packed schedule, they can’t afford to go back and forth between job sites and headquarters. That’s why modern tradies should have the following mobile apps that enable them to efficiently work wherever they go. 

All-In-One Calculator

All-In-One Calculator is a free app that can perform various calculations for construction-related jobs. It includes functions for unit conversions, area and volume calculations, and material requirement calculations. These functions are particularly vital for planning material orders and calculating the exact price of each job.    


Microsoft Visio offers plenty of customisable diagrams for tradies on the field. For starters, Visio lets users design and view detailed floor plans of upcoming projects, so tradies know where everything goes. Floor plans can include design notes and general dimensions as well as electrical wiring layouts and plumbing diagrams. 

Visio also offers Gantt charts, which outline the basic workflow and deadlines that go into each process of a construction work order. These help coordinate tradies and ensure they stay on top of their tasks. 

Finally, Visio org charts can display management hierarchies and everyone’s contact details. With org charts, your tradies will know who to report to and where to get their orders from, preventing delays caused by conflicting instructions. 


DocuSign lets users create electronic signatures and sign documents without having to print them first. This makes it incredibly convenient for tradies to sign work orders and accept change requests on the go. Meanwhile, you can use DocuSign to easily sign on subcontractors and submit digital proposals to prospective clients.


hipages is the single most useful resource for getting discovered and finding new jobs. The app allows you to list your business online, complete with your team’s credentials, locations, and average service rates. If customers request a job on the app, hipages will promptly notify you of the opportunity. From there, you can send prospective clients a quote to win the job.


Toggl is a time tracking app that’s super simple to use. Tradies only have to click the play button in the app to start tracking the time they spend on tasks. After a task, Toggl can help you generate timesheets for review and payroll purposes. Toggl also allows you to evaluate how productive tradies are at work and use that information to improve workflows.


Microsoft Teams is the go-to collaboration platform for tradies. It offers a user-friendly chat interface where you can split up conversations and teams into different channels. In each channel, participants can send messages, share files, and conduct video conference calls to get immediate feedback. Plus, Teams integrates with plenty of workplace tools, allowing you and other tradies to access productivity, project management, and social media apps in one place. 


Sortly is a cloud-based inventory management software program that helps you track company assets. It features a comprehensive database where you can search and sort items by quantity, locations, asset conditions, service histories, and more. Your tradies can attach custom barcodes and QR labels onto company assets for seamless data entry and auditing. If users are checking out equipment from the warehouse, they just need to scan its barcode with their mobile device to update asset registries. This saves tradies countless hours from manually writing reports and updating spreadsheets. 

Additionally, Sortly updates you on asset-related events. For instance, the software can provide alerts for when raw materials are running low to prevent stockouts. You can even set automated reminders for equipment maintenance and lease renewals based on asset conditions and manufacturer recommendations. 


Stress and anxiety are a growing problem in the trade industry, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. To help tradies cope with life’s daily stressors, the MindDoc app can be a handy companion. MindDoc allows tradies to log their mood in a digital journal so they can monitor their mental and emotional well-being over time. The app then gives tradies insights into their symptoms and provides useful resources on how to deal with anxiety and other mental health issues.


Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB are three accounting apps that best serve trades businesses. Tradies can leverage these apps to log job-related expenses from anywhere and generate invoices on-site when a job is complete. The accounting apps also consolidate financial information into a centralised database, which enables you to produce expense and cash flow statements with ease. You can even display key financial performance metrics on your personal dashboard, so you’re always up to date on the company’s profitability. 


WorkBuddy should be a staple in your tradies’ mobile devices. This job management app does more than automatically process and schedule work orders, it also provides route optimisation, job checklists, and project management dashboards. This tradie software also has a compliance module that provides tradies with detailed instructions for complying with following safe work method protocols. 

The new WorkBuddy field app provides tradies with job notifications and enables them to track job progress in real-time. There’s even a built-in messaging system in WorkBuddy where tradies can seamlessly communicate and share files with clients and contractors. What’s more, WorkBuddy integrates with Microsoft Power BI to give valuable insights that facilitate better decision-making. For instance, insights into productivity levels allow you to identify workplace bottlenecks and develop new processes to drive efficiency. 

WorkBuddy is a must-have solution that will help you better support your workforce. Book a free demo now to see how WorkBuddy can make you and your tradies’ lives easier or find out more about the benefits of WorkBuddy’s job management software.

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